Redlands Invitational 2021 Tournament


Redlands Invitational 2021
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Please use the system below to pre-register and save money!
Registrations made easy like never before!
Registering online is more convenient now using, the world’s most advanced martial arts registration system.

Please Remember! At-the-door prices are higher.


Some of the main features are:
• Group Registration: Users can register multiple competitors/teams under one account, and just do one checkout.

• Easy Divisions Selection: The system will only show the divisions that applies for each competitor. No more looking at giant lists of divisions. Ensure competitors are registered at the correct division.

• Edit Divisions after purchase: Once users successfully complete registration, they will be able to change purchased divisions for another division of the same price.
All in one checkout! Buy Tickets, Merchandise and register for Seminars/Camps. All in just one checkout.

• One account, all tournaments: Users will be able to use their account in all tournaments using our platform, also, competitors’ information previously added will remain in the account, waiting for new divisions to be added. Eliminate the hassle of creating many accounts and inputting the same competitor’s info every time users register for a new tournament!.

• Mobile devices ready: With the implementation of a high end responsive layout, the system can be used from any mobile device with internet capabilities.

There is a $7.00 Processing Fee per competitor.


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RedLands Invitational


We would like to welcome you to the 2021 Redlands Invitational Martial Arts Tournament!
We have been working very hard to make this one of the most exciting and inspirational events in South Florida Sport Karate history.

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